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New Irish Linen Collection 2024

We are so excited to add Irish Linen to the Chilcott British woven fabrics collection, the Scottish Harris tweed has proven so popular that we thought we should add some crisp Irish Linen to our range.

Linen is a textile made from the fibres of the flax plant. Its credentials for being a sustainable fabric are incredibly good and hence why we are keen to add it to our story around British-made natural fabrics.  We believe linen compliments our 100% British wool blankets and Harris Tweed range.

We are delighted to source the linen from Baird McNutt who have a history of weaving and dyeing cloth since 1912.

We have chosen 8 beautiful colours including Navy Blue and Oyster Grey.

We have lined our bright kit bags with white untreated waxed cotton and the darker colours with tan waxed cotton which are all produced by British Millerain in Rochdale, who have been manufacturing since 1880!

A little more about Baird McNutt

On the picturesque Northwest Irish coast of Donegal, overlooking Sheephaven Bay on the Atlantic Ocean, lies the Baird McNutt Studio, where their Irish linen collections are designed. Led by Peter McNutt, their design process is driven with an ethos of listening to what customers want and developing fabrics that suit customer needs. Baird McNutt Irish Linen is a global business and Peter's inspiration is drawn from the many cultures he encounters. 

Irish Linen Kit /wash bags

We have made a capsule collection of 8 colours in 2 styles of kit bags all linen with natural waxed cotton also made in the UK from Oyster White to Bright Pink.

Irish Linen Lavender bags

The new collection comprises 5 sets of 3 Linen lavender bags that make great gifts and perfect for under the pillow, or in a drawer. Each one filled by hand using the dried lavender we grow on the farm.

Irish Linen Dog cravats

We also thought our hounds would like a new range of colours for the cravats! ideal for beach days, walks and tea in town!

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