Our Rosemary and Geranium dog coat spray will keep your dog's coat knot-free and shiny. So easy to use, just spray or brush on post walk for a fabulous smelling dog. Ideal for short or long haired dogs. Made in the UK.



Geranium and Rosemary oil encourages a shiny coat.

Aloe vera helps to condition and promote new hair growth.

Neem leaf extract is a natural insect repellent.

Vitamin B which helps to improve hair elasticity paraben free , SLES free. PH balanced.

All contents are listed on the tin.


How to Use:

Avoid the eye area, spray evenly over your dog's coat and brush through. For external use only.


Our natural range of dog shampoos and detangling sprays have been created in partnership with a small expert producer based in Devon. Working in harmony with you and your dog, all the products in our range are carefully pH balanced to suit canine hair and skin. Essential oils and natural fragrances to keep your dog smelling as great as he or she looks.

Spray-on Coat Conditioner: Rosemary and Geranium

SKU: DOW-501-200
  • Rosemary and Geranium dog coat De-tangling/ conditioning spray This coat conditioning and detangling spray is ideal for removing knots and tangles, making the hair more manageable, shiny and smelling fresh. 

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