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A Letter From our Founder....

In recognition of the huge turmoil that our planet is in at the moment and to acknowledge the

beacon of hope that COP26 is offering, I have decided to increase Chilcott’s donation to the

wonderful charity Common Seas who are working towards dealing with the problem of plastic in

our oceans. Throughout the duration of COP26 Monday 1st November - Friday 12th November

we will give 25% of the sale price of our complete Ocean Range to support the work of Common


The ocean has always been a huge part of my life and I have been fortunate to enjoy many

happy hours sailing, rowing and swimming, including sailing across the Atlantic for charity. I am

delighted to be able to support such a worthy cause so that we can work towards restoring the

seas to become safe, healthy environments which are vital to support life.

Wrap yourselves in our Ocean Blanket - natural British wool to keep you warm, super soft

alpaca Ocean hot water bottles - the perfect gift or a box of our exclusive Harris Tweed®

lavender bags - filled with our beautiful Welsh lavender, shop with confidence and know that

your purchase is supporting the work of Common Seas - helping to protect your future.

With very many thanks,

Amelia Fawcett

Founder ChilcottUK

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