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A Socially Distanced Harvest

Lavender Harvest 2020.

We were delighted that lockdown was eased in Wales and we were able to harvest our lavender after all. It was touch and go for a while given our head gardener lives the wrong side of the boarder and travel restrictions were very tight in Wales! Nonetheless the troops reunited on a beautifully sunny Saturday morning to harvest the lavender for drying and distilling for oil. We kept to our socially distanced family bubbles and it was lovely to spend time together at our roots. Sadly, we were not able to have our annual harvest lunch. This happy occasion has had to be postponed until a more suitable time. Once the lavender was cut, some was bunched and the racks in the barn were filled for drying. The remainder was sent to our friends in Cornwall who expertly distil our lavender into a beautiful fragrant oil which we will use in our Botanical range. We are expanding this range this year - keep an eye out for more information soon!

It’s not just us who benefit from the lavender. It has been a bumpy year for insects, especially Bumble Bees so we made sure to leave plenty of plants uncut to keep them fed. Without them, we would have no lavender flowers to distil and dry.

Now the harvest is in, it is time for the plants to be pruned and carefully looked after ahead of winter. We are busy with weeding, repairing terrams and planning new planting beds next spring.

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