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British Wool Week - why do we use wool?

This week is British Wool Week. Wool is a highly versatile, unique, 100% natural product. It is a fibre that no synthetic can match. The beauty of wool is that not only is it biodegradable but each year sheep will produce a new fleece, so it is totally renewable too.

Wool has no end of benefits. It is breathable, highly thermally efficient, extremely durable and naturally elastic giving it a long lifespan. Wool can readily be dyed and its natural protective waxy coat on the wool fibres means it is resistant to staining. It is also known for its fire-retardant properties.

These properties make wool the perfect fibre for us to use in our products. All our products are British from fleece to finish. Wool is dyed and spun exclusively for us in the Yorkshire Dales, and then woven to our design by small family-run mills in the Black Mountains of Wales. Our Britannia Blanket carries the British Wool Marketing Board Platinum logo highlighting the British wool content. Our love of wool then took us all the way to the Isles of Harris and Lewis where we discovered the beauty of Harris Tweed. We are delighted to be using this beautiful fabric to create truly elegant, exclusive ranges for your home.

The Campaign for Wool with His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales as its patron is a global project launched in 2010 launched to raise the profile of wool worldwide. The Campaign for Wool has sparked an increase in the use and demand for wool as well as encouraging an increase in the price farmers to get paid for the production of wool.

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