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Happy Easter!

Spring is in the air at Chilcott.

The lambs are in the field, the daffodils are out, the blossom is blowing in the air, it is finally spring!

Everything is blossoming into action at the farm. The lavender is turning green after being dormant throughout the winter, bees are working hard gathering pollen on the fruit trees and we are enjoying misty mornings and longer evenings.

We are very pleased to say that our large hot water bottles are now back in stock.

We promise they have been worth the wait! They are made with Alpaca wool and lined in British wool for a super soft, luxurious feel. Of course, we should also mention the best bit - all our hotties come with a pocket of our very own lavender for a relaxing night’s sleep.

The Chilcott team wish you all a Happy Easter, be it spending it with family or over indulging on chocolate, be sure to enjoy!

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