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Have you ever wondered why your dog gives you his paw?

We pet our dogs to show our love and affection and it turns out they do the same. By putting his/her paw on you whilst you are stroking him, he is further extending contact and reciprocating your affection.

So this month, Chilcott are celebrating as many others do National Dog Day on August 26th. The annual celebration of your dog is unquestionably a unique day and allows those thinking of owning a dog to consider many things, such as the breed, size and lifestyle a dog may bring to their family, but also for those who already have dog, it’s a time to embrace the opportunity for dogs to live a happy, safe and loving life and to show them that affection they crave.

Social platforms will come alive with those images of our canine friends that make our lives more fun, as well as sharing the more important things, like the unconditional love and support they can provide such as the giving of the paw.

So let us appreciate the bonds between humans and their owners and offer some Chilcott love by offering the very best in luxury products for your dog. And above all, let us help make August the best time of the year for our very best friends.

Browse our luxury dog beds: made bespoke from Harris Tweed® which are handmade to order in our workshop in the Brecon Beacons or browse our whole dog collection, from waterproof dog coats to the best smelling dog shampoos.

Luxury Dog Beds

Our dog beds and terrier tunnels are designed to be truly bespoke for your dog. Simply get in touch with an idea of the size you would like and we will provide a quote and a list of available Harris Tweeds®. Prices start at £95.

Filled with 100% British Baavet wool for supreme canine comfort, our luxury dog beds come with a bag of fresh recently harvested Chilcott lavender tucked inside, making sure the dog bed stays fresh all year round. The base of the dog beds and terrier tunnels is made from navy British Millerain waterproof cotton, flip it over and use this side when your dog is wet, perfect after those long wet muddy walks.

Our tweeds are unique, woven by independent weavers on the Isles of Harris and Lewis and reflects the truly bespoke nature of Chilcott’s products.

Coats and Cravats

Browse our full range of Bespoke Harris Tweed Dog Coats. Made from our range of beautiful tweeds. Warm and waterproof for all shapes and sizes to suit our friends ranging from Chihuahuas to Labradors. Made to measure and fully reversible, ideal for the colder months of the year.

Dog Grooming Our natural range of dog shampoos and detangling sprays have been created in partnership with a small, expert producer based in Devon. All the products in our range are carefully pH balanced to suit canine hair and skin, using aloe vera and natural keratin to leave your dog smelling and looking great.

So what are you waiting for, show your dog some love with our range of Chilcott Dog Products!

Don’t forget, when a Chilcott Lavender Bag finally loses its scent, you can simply post it back to Chilcott with a return address, and it’s replenished free of charge!

At Chilcott, sustainability is at the heart of all that we do, from the way we grow our lavender to the wool that we use. Chilcott is a truly British business. We believe we should tread lightly in the world and appreciate what we have around us.

15% from the sale of the products in our Oceans Range goes to support Common Seas' work.

If you are looking for the very best of British Design and Manufacture, browse our full collection of products here.

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