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Merry Christmas!

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, don't forget to pick up the perfect present at Chilcott!

The Chilcott Timeless Blanket is a luxurious masterpiece and celebrates the very best of British design and craftsmanship. The wool is spun and dyed for us in the Yorkshire Dales and woven in a small family run mill in the Black Mountains in Wales. A really exquisite gift!

How about choosing one of our natural room sprays? They are made using our unique recipes of carefully blended essential oils. Choose one of our elegant fragrances - Sweet Orange, Lavender or Rosemary & Geranium. A truly thoughtful gift!

The favourite! Our Chilcott hotties are available in a range of beautiful colours with a pocket of our very own lavender for a relaxing night’s sleep.

Please don't forget the dog!

Our natural range of dog shampoos and detangling sprays have been created to be perfectly pH balanced to suit canine hair and skin, using aloe vera to leave your dog smelling and looking great for Christmas!

Please place all UK orders by the following date to ensure delivery in time for Christmas:

Last Royal Mail UK posting date 17th December

Merry Christmas from all at Chilcott!

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