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Promote Biodiversity and Sustainability: Plant a Wild mini meadow for Bees, and your own wellbeing

At the farm we are planning to regenerate an area of our lavender field that had been blighted by water. We’ve removed the old lavender and have planted some native trees, and this spring we will be sowing wildflower seeds in this area. The seeds are being supplied by Wild Wales_Seeds. You can follow the development of this mini meadow on our Instagram.

Image credit: Wild Wales Seeds

Planting a wild mini meadow in your own garden is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to enhance the natural ecosystem. Wild meadows consist of a mixture of native wildflowers and grasses that benefit the environment and wildlife, making them a popular choice for gardeners and landowners.

Promotes biodiversity

One of the main benefits of planting a wild mini meadow is that it promotes biodiversity. By sowing a variety of native plants, you create a diverse habitat for insects, birds, and small mammals. These wildflower mini meadows provide crucial habitat for bees and butterflies, which are essential for pollination, ensuring the survival of plant species. The grasses in the area will provide food and shelter for birds and small mammals.

Low maintenance

After some initial soil preparation they are also low maintenance, requiring very little upkeep. Unlike traditional lawns that need frequent mowing, the beauty of a wildflower area is that it can to be left to grow naturally, & only needs to be cut back & raked up in the autumn. This saves time and energy while still providing an attractive and vibrant area for both you and local wildlife to enjoy.


Planting a wild mini meadow is also a cost-effective alternative to traditional gardening. The seeds for a wild flower area can be relatively inexpensive, and once established, they require very little maintenance, saving on watering, fertilizing, and mowing costs of traditional gardening.

Improves soil health

In addition to promoting biodiversity, planting a wild mini meadow in your garden can improve soil health. Native plants have deep roots that can break up compacted soil, allowing air and water to circulate more freely, reducing soil erosion and preventing nutrient run-off.

Natural Beauty

And I’m sure we can all agree, a wild mini meadow is also aesthetically pleasing, creating a beautiful natural landscape that changes throughout the seasons. It can be used to create a natural border or as a feature in a larger garden or landscape design, it does not need to occupy a large area of your garden. A small area of wildflowers in your garden creates a colourful, fragrant patch which will be buzzing with visiting insects throughout the summer.

In conclusion, planting a wild mini meadow is a sustainable way to promote biodiversity, improve soil health, and create a low-maintenance, cost-effective, and attractive area of your garden. By sowing wild flower seeds, you are creating a diverse habitat for bees, butterflies, and other wildlife, you are supporting the natural ecosystem, whilst making a positive impact on the environment something Chilcott UK are passionate about.


Sustainability is at the heart of Chilcott, from the way we grow our botanicals to the wool that we use. Chilcott is a truly British business. We believe we should tread lightly in the world and appreciate what we have around us, which is why we would encourage you to plant a wild flower area in your garden..

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