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Proud to use British Wool

Chilcott’s new Timeless Collection blankets have been accredited by British Wool. This means that our blankets display their gold shepherd's crook logo as we are able to guarantee that they are made from 100% British wool from fleece to finish.

As you know we are passionate about producing high quality truly British products and so this endorsement is extremely important to us. We are keen to promote the benefits of wool and so are our friends at British Wool.

The benefits of wool cannot be underestimated. It is a natural fibre that has offered all round protection against the elements for years, whilst being incredibly durable. Top wool products stay looking good for longer and reduce the need for replacement.

Wool is also completely renewable as each sheep produces a new fleece every year ready to be made into lovely new wool products. Even the sheep themselves can help maintain the countryside and preserve our renowned landscapes as well as help promote wildlife and plant diversity.

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