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The face of Chilcott from day 1.

International Dog Day 2020: we thought it would be appropriate to write about our four legged friends who underpin our lives here at Chilcott. Whether it’s company whilst weeding the lavender fields, testers for our dog shampoo or inspiration whilst designing and making our dog products, they are a fundamental part of our company who we treasure dearly. This post is introducing the face of Chilcott right from the beginning. She was where it all began. Charlotte, the most wonderful black Labrador. Born in 2001, Charlotte became a constant companion to Amelia, accompanying her around the world before settling at the farm in Wales. The farm became her own domain, there is no doubt who was in charge! When the idea of Chilcott was born, Charlotte was there every step of the way. She patrolled the lavender fields daily and was very happy to oversee the many hours of weeding, planting and pruning. She sadly passed away in 2017. However, she continues to inspire the development of the Chilcott range for dogs and is forever in our thoughts and hearts. Charlotte was more than just a dog, she was constant source of laughter, friendship and love for everyone who she met, both in person and also as the perfect model on our walls at every show we go to. Please browse this wonderful collection of photos of this truly incredible dog.

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