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The Lavender Harvest

It is always busy around this time of the year however, it is fantastic to see how much the lavender has grown and know that this will all be used for our future products.

The harvest usually takes a couple of weeks and is quite simple, however, as with each stage of creation of a Chilcott product, every care is taken to make sure that the outcome is of the highest quality. We cut the stems, tie them together and hang them to dry in the Lavender Barn. After a few weeks the lavender will have dried completely and then the flowers stored to make our special Chilcott Lavender Bags which is used for our unique signature - a special pocket of lavender hanging on a button of each blanket!

Some of our harvest is turned into oil, this is used in our heavenly Lavender Room Diffuser and Room Spray. Even your dog can benefit by using our dog grooming Lavender and Peppermint Shampoo and Spray on Conditioner.

Enjoy with us the beautiful lavender scent with our lavender botanical range or simply take pleasure in the heavenly scent with a pocket of lavender accompanying each of our super soft Blankets.

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