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The Timeless Collection - the definition of elegance

Our aim at Chilcott is to bring you the very best of British design and manufacture. We aspire to create ranges that not only embody our beliefs in sustainability and working in harmony with our natural environment, but also fill your home with elegance, sophistication, and supreme comfort. With that in mind we, we are very excited to start 2021 off with the release of our new 'Timeless Collection' of very special blankets and hot water bottles - the pinnacle of luxury and ultimate softness. The key ingredient: Bluefaced Leicester Wool. The importance of our materials has always been something close to our heart. The sustainability, beauty and versatility of wool are attributes long undervalued. Bluefaced Leicester Wool is a gorgeous, luxurious material to work with. Put simply, it is a triumph, a range that is just so soft, showcasing the natural lustre of this beautiful wool. We have used a thicker ply just like our Double-Weight Herringbone Blanket to create this timeless, elegant range. The wool is spun and dyed for us in the Yorkshire Dales and woven in a small family-run mill in the Black Mountains in Wales. This range is a true masterpiece, the epitome of British Design and Manufacture. We have added a bag of fresh Chilcott lavender to ensure that your blanket or hot water bottle stays beautifully fragranced for years to come. Like its sister products, the Timeless Collection is unique, reflecting the bespoke nature of Chilcott's products. Woven in small numbers, they are truly limited - therefore, once they are gone, they really are gone.

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