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Three Uses For Our Harris Tweed Bags

This month, we thought we would cast a spotlight on one of our favourite products that we’re very proud of: our British-made, Harris Tweed kit bags! They currently come in 5 colours and 3 sizes. Enclosed we have added a complimentary miniature lavender ravioli that comes with each kit bag.

The Harris Tweed cloth is unique to Chilcott; we use it to make the kit bags which are sustainable and exclusive. The Harris Tweed is hand woven by independent creative weavers in their own homes on the Isles of Harris and Lewis. When you buy one of our products made with Harris Tweed, you’re helping the weavers keep their centuries-long traditions alive and thriving.

Here are 3 ways that the Chilcott team use their bags on a day to day basis

Store Travel Essentials

Ideal for your passport and travel documents and charger cables. Good thing our Cornflower kit bags are perfect for the job. Harris Tweed is made of a durable wool which naturally resists water, wear, and tear. This makes them very practical for use as travel toiletry bags.

Anyone on the go knows how frustrating it is to fish the charger for the phone or laptop cable out of their briefcase. When it’s contained in its own special bag, spotting it amongst the jumble is much easier.

A Handy Harris Tweed Wash Bag

Whether you’re travelling long distances or hard at work, there are times when you need to freshen up. A green lovage kit bag is the perfect solution for storing wipes, hand gel, moisturisers, and more. One quality feature of our kit bags is their wipeable and waterproof inner lining.

Holiday Kit Bag

Our Harris Tweed wash bags come in the largest size and have plenty of room to store lots of holiday lotions/creams and travel necessities.

Why Choose Chilcott

Sustainability is at the heart of Chilcott, we work hard to source the raw materials for our products from British businesses. From the British wool for the herringbone blanket or Harris Tweed cloth. We grow lavender on the Chilcott farm for our iconic lavender bags using sustainable methods.

We source our wool and textiles from local British businesses, not only to support them but to lower carbon emissions resulting from transportation costs. The average imported wool travels thousands of miles, and often across several countries, before it reaches its final destination.

At Chilcott we believe we should tread lightly in the world and appreciate what we have around us. British businesses that support each other ensure we keep a sustainable mindset in the world.

In our next blog, we shall share some news about our forthcoming trip to Yorkshire to visit our weavers. If you are looking for the very best of British Design and Manufacture, browse our full collection of products.

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