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Why buy from small, independent British businesses?

By buying from small, independent British businesses you are supporting far more people than you might realise. Have you ever thought how much work goes into producing one item? The idea, the raw materials, the manufacture, the labelling, the sales, the packaging and posting to name a few…

When Chilcott began it was extremely important to us that our products enabled us to support and showcase the talent of British artisans. Why look abroad when there is so much talent and such a variety of skills on your doorstep?

Read the story of our Britannia blanket as an example:

The Britannia Blanket: it all starts with the sheep, reared and sheared in Kent. The Romney Marsh lambswool is then sold to the British Wool Marketing Board, graded and the finest quality selected to make the blankets. The wool is then cleaned, spun and dyed in Yorkshire, before being woven into Chilcott’s bespoke design created by our designer, Sarah. The blankets are woven at a small, family-run mill in mid-Wales. Once the weaving on the heritage looms is completed the blankets have to be finished in Scotland before being returned to Wales for labelling and sale - even our woven labels are made in South Wales. A Welsh oak button, made by a Welsh woodturner, is sewn on in our workshop here in the Brecon Beacons and a lavender bag filled with Chilcott’s fresh smelling lavender harvested from our farm and hand made in our workshops is attached. Labels designed and printed by a local firm are tied on before the blanket is posted out to you in the Royal Mail. Behind all this are the photographers, the wonderful young team who support our website, the families who work on the farm to grow the lavender and the directors of the company. This is just one example of just how much love and care goes into each of Chilcott’s exclusive designs.

By buying from small independent British businesses you are supporting a myriad of families and people working together, often to produce a truly sustainable product. This is something extremely close to our hearts. Buying from Chilcott not only supports our own families but so many others along the way.

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