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World Ocean Day-A cause close to our hearts

On World Ocean Day on the 8th of June, people around the world celebrate and honour our one shared ocean, that connects us all.

It's part of a global movement to safeguard at least 30% of the world's land, waters and ocean by 2030. Thousands of events will be hosted by youth groups, schools, aquariums, zoos and businesses in over 150 countries.

Plastic cup in our sea

It’s a shocking and sad statistic, but several million metric tons of plastic waste enter the oceans annually. This amount of plastic pollution poses significant environmental and ecological challenges.

Only 0.3 million tonnes of this is floating on the surface. Therefore, once the plastic is in the ocean, it is almost impossible to get back. This is fast becoming an uncontrollable problem. If we continue as we are, the future of our beautiful oceans is looking bleak.

- In 1950, 1.5 million tonnes of plastic was produced.

- In 2019, 368 million tonnes of plastic was produced.

- In 2040 is it projected that 29 million tonnes of plastic waste may be entering the ocean annually by 2040

This is not ok.

At Chilcott, this is a problem close to our hearts and in light of that, we have created a collection where 15% from the sale of the products in our Oceans Range goes to support Common Seas' work, an amazing organisation that's charting a course to healthy oceans. Their mission is to reduce the amount of plastic entering our rivers and seas.

They are a social enterprise tackling the plastic pollution crisis by driving new policy, investing in the circular economy and catalysing a cultural shift in how we make, use and dispose of plastic.

Their mission is to quickly and significantly reduce the amount of plastic produced and stop it polluting our rivers and seas. By buying from our Ocean Range below, you and supporting them and in turn, helping the quest for healthier seas.


Sustainability is at the heart of Chilcott, from the way we grow our botanicals to the wool that we use. Chilcott is a truly British business. We believe we should tread lightly in the world and appreciate what we have around us. Read Our latest blog on planting a Wild Flower Meadow.

Chilcott lavender is a key component of our Ocean Range. We have incorporated lavender into our lavender bag gift sets, but also in our Blankets and Hot Water Bottles, with each adorned with a neatly attached lavender bag. This ensures that the sweet fragrance of lavender permeates the blankets and hot water bottles, creating a soothing and comforting atmosphere.

By utilising lavender in our Ocean Range, we aim to bring the delightful scent of lavender into different aspects of our customers' lives, promoting relaxation and tranquility.

If you are looking for a unique British Design and product, browse our full collection of products here. Come and visit us at one of our shows.

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