Chilcott is a business based high in the Brecon Beacons. Here we run a farm that seemingly blends into the beautiful countryside. Where mountain meets field, we work to develop Chilcott's natural fragrances.


From rows of lavender and rosemary to a garden full

of nature's bounty, we work in harmony with all the environment can provide.

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Chilcott was founded by Amelia Fawcett. Her vision in 2011 was to create a sustainable business on her farm, high up in the Brecon Beacons.  The big question was what to do on a Welsh hillside, and she settled on lavender. With more than 30 years in business, Amelia knew that the best companies were led by strong, diverse teams.  She quickly assembled a group of talented individuals with distinct expertise--Charlotte Gamman, Sarah Frost and Susie Suter. In 2012 Chilcott was born and in 2013 came alive with our first rows of lavender. Maybe not the first plant that springs to mind on a rugged Welsh hillside, however, tucked away at the end of a gorgeous valley it has flourished.

Chilcott Behind the Blanket

At Chilcott, our extended family is invaluable - both two-legged and four-legged. We are aware of how quickly the world changes and really appreciate how much the knowledge and skill of Young Chilcotts around us bring to the table. From harvest to photography, from technology to being the public face of Chilcott behind a show stand, we are determined to support Young Chilcotts and value their many talents. We believe that it is only through appreciating this generation that we can start to create a more sustainable environment for all.



With a background in business and a lifetime commitment to the environment, Amelia recognised the need to utilise her land in a sustainable way.  Sustainability continues to be at the heart of everything Chilcott produces.



From a family who has worked in the wool industry for
generations Sarah, Chilcott’s talented designer and finisher,
creates the beautiful blankets. Calling on her wealth of experience and design instinct, Sarah not only chooses the unique Chilcott colours and materials that will bring her design to life, she also uses her skills with a needle to create the special pockets of lavender that are sent out with each blanket as Chilcott’s unique signature.


With a love of plants and the natural environment in her
heart, Charlotte, Chilcott’s production guru, works in the
Chilcott lavender fields. Here the plants are carefully
grown and the lavender harvested so that Chilcott are
able to send out with each blanket our unique signature 
- a special pocket of lavender hanging on the button of
each blanket.

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