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Why Wool is Wonderful

Did you know it’s Wool Month?

We are very proud not only of our British heritage and of being a great British brand but also of our beautiful collection of truly sustainable products many of which use wool.

So what are the benefits of wool? Wool has no end of benefits. It is breathable, highly thermally efficient, extremely durable and naturally elastic giving it a long lifespan. Wool can readily be dyed and its natural protective waxy coat on the wool fibres means it is resistant to staining. It is also known for its fire-retardant properties.

Browse our full range of blankets, kit bags, hot water bottles and Lavender Bags all made from British Wool

Wool is 100% natural It’s not manmade and for decades it has been appreciated for its unique properties. Its fibres are 100% natural and provides all weather protection and warmth.

It's Renewable If we have grass, we have wool, and every year sheep will produce a new fleece, thus making wool a renewable fibre source. Our UK woolgrowers strive hard to safeguard the environment and improve efficiency, endeavouring to make the wool industry sustainable for future generations.

Wool is long-lasting Wool is a complex natural fibre and as yet, man has been able to rival its qualities effectively. It has a natural elasticity which allows the wool to withstand continuous use and it provides low wear and tear. Wool is also hard-wearing and incredibly warm.

Wool is recyclable and sustainable Synthetic fibres can take up to 40 years to degrade, whereas wool is a natural fibre similar to that of hair and can be broken down naturally without causing a hazard to the environment.

Wool is the perfect fibre for us to use in our products. All our products are British from fleece to finish. Wool is dyed and spun exclusively for us in the Yorkshire Dales, and then woven to our design by small family-run mills in the Black Mountains of Wales. Our Britannia Blanket carries the British Wool Marketing Board Platinum logo highlighting the British wool content. Our love of wool then took us all the way to the Isles of Harris and Lewis where we discovered the beauty of Harris Tweed. We are delighted to be using this beautiful fabric to create truly elegant, exclusive ranges for your home.

Wool is a beautiful, natural product and using Sarah’s knowledge gained from a family rooted in the wool business, combined with her creativity and skills, we explored British wool with its spinning, dyeing and weaving. This adventure has taken us from Welsh weavers to the Outer Hebrides to explore the beauty of Harris Tweed®.

Chilcott’s new Timeless Collection blankets have been accredited by British Wool. This means that our blankets display their gold shepherd's crook logo as we are able to guarantee that they are made from 100% British wool from fleece to finish.

Every purchase supports and increases demand for British sheep farmers across the UK.

Sustainability is at the heart of Chilcott, from the way we grow our botanicals to the wool that we use. Chilcott is a truly British business. We believe we should tread lightly in the world and appreciate what we have around us.

15% of the sale of all products in our Oceans Range goes to support Common Seas' work.

If you are looking for the very best of British Design and Manufacture, browse our full collection of products here.

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